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Different League (Diff-League) rules

1. Purpose objectives of Diff-League

1.1. Diff-League is a regular online tournament on Cossacks-1 (Back To War 1.35 version) game. It is a part of R-League project but has a separate statistics and other information resources (site, forum) as well as its own administration (first meaning of the Different - another, differing).
1.2. The purpose of League operation popularization of Cossacks-1 (Back To War 1.35 version) game through organizing tournaments on non-standard rules (second meaning of the Different - different rules, various specific rules per each tournament).
1.3. Objectives of League:
- provide most active players at different nominations with a chance to additionally prove themselves;
- provide inactive players who have little time for permanent participation in regular championships with a chance to prove themselves in limited time intervals;
- provide attraction of new players in organized forms of competition at the expense of such tournaments through inclusion of the nominations which have no analogue in other championships, also team tournaments and clan wars.

2. General rules of Diff-League

2.1. The league principle is to conduct tournaments according to specially developed specific rules. The tournament is made on Saturdays during one day from 12:00 till 16:00.
2.2. The tournament is conducted by Olympic system (the loser gets kicked off) if not otherwise stipulated before the commencement of the event.
2.3. The start options and rules of the tournament are defined by League admin.
2.4. Tournament standard rules:
2.4.1. Diplomatic tournament:
- Land
- Plain
- Deposits - many
- Start options default, 5000 pt 20
- Capture - default
- No cannons, towers, walls, warships/construction of ports, fish-boats and transporters is allowed
- Construction and use of diplomatic center is allowed
- Hills are allowed
- Auto save 2 min
- One game only
- Score - 1 hour
- Game speed mode fast
- One restart per player is allowed that is player before quitting a game must write map or Russian equivalent for word "" no later than 200th tic of the game
- The use of macroses is prohibited

2.4.2. NoMarket tournament:
- Land
- Plain
- Deposits - many
- Start options default, 5000 pt 10
- -
- Cannons, towers, walls, construction of ports, fish-boats and transporters are allowed
- Auto save 2 min
- One game only
- Score - 1 hour
- Game speed mode fast
2.4.3. Diff-tournament:
- Specifically developed unique rules game
- Fast speed mode
- One game
2.4.4. Forbidden tricks at all options (tourneys):
- Intentional delivery of +200 upgrade to opponent
- Intentional blocking of specific land zones (not only port area) through building and sowing mills before completions of its construction
- Change of speed mode in the course of the game
- Building the fish-boats, yachts, cutters, frigates of 18th century, "Victories", diplo dragoons on pause mode
2.5. The players may have their arrangements during a game which do not contradict to the rules. The responsibility is solely on them in case of violation of their arrangements. The players may not insult each other as this can be determined as unsportsmanlike behavior with all relevant consequences:

3. The rights and duties of Diff-League administrator

3.1. The admin has the following duties:
- place an announcement on tourney specifying:
- tourney rules: start options and their rules, order of winners determination;
- resource link that contains the basic rules of the tourney;
- terms and order of tourney applications;
- check-up the accuracy of applications;
- set up the tourney grid based on applications and rules;
- control the course of the games, contribute its smooth conduction;
- announce the winner.
3.2. The admin has the following rights:
- reject any application in case of players systematic violations;
- exclude any player if his behavior and other actions that are not in accordance with rules set out herein;
3.3. The norms not determined by these specific rules are identified as corresponding to general LCN admin practice that is the clauses of LCN rules being not contradictive to Diff-League ones are accepted as actual herein as well.

4. The rights and duties of tourney participants

4.1. The tourney participant is the player who had filed an application in accordance with tourney rules and after received a notification from admin on inclusion into participants list.
4.2. The tourney participant has the following rights:
- reject from participation in the tourney at any of its stages; in the rest of the appointed not played games he receives TD;
4.3. The tourney participant has the following duties:
- observe the League rules;
- observe the tourney rules;
- contribute to timely completion of the games according to calendar plan of the tourney;
- contribute to independent solution of arguments without unnecessary involving League admin.

5. Result of the tourneys

5.1. The winners of the tourney will receive the relevant medal award upon completion of each event.

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